Nienke Huitenga (co-founder Hackastory, journalist, teacher):
on how working together better could lead to innovating interactive storytelling. She won a Gouden Kalf for best interactive work with The Modular Body by Floris Kaayk.

Nienke Huitenga (EN)

Nienke Huitenga is co-founder of Hackastory, where storytellers, developers and designers combine their powers. Hackastory sees experts from different fields working in separate worlds and speaking different languages. Hackastory wants to bridge this gap and bring these professionals together to increase understanding and foster collaboration to innovate in the field of digital and interactive storytelling. In workshops and hackathons the team strives to discover the endless online possibilities. Nienke is also a (movie)journalist and teaches communication and multimedia design in Breda. She designed the online media strategy for interactive projects Human Birdwings and The Modular Body of visual artist Floris Kaayk. Both stories went viral and are viewed tens of million times. She recently was awarded with a Gouden Kalf for best interactive work with The Modular Body.

Nienke Huitenga (NL)

Nienke Huitenga is mede-oprichter van Hackastory, waar verhalenvertellers, ontwikkelaars en ontwerpers hun krachten bundelen. Hackastory ziet professionals uit verschillende sectoren in hun eigen werelden werken en hun eigen taal spreken. Hackastory wil deze kloof overbruggen en deze professionals samenbrengen. Door een betere samenwerking en begrip kan er innovatie op het vlak van digitale en interactieve storytelling ontstaan. In workshops en hackathons verkent Hackastory de eindeloze online mogelijkheden. Nienke is tevens (film)journalist en geeft les in communicatie en multimedia design in Breda. Ze ontwierp de online mediastrategie voor interactieve projecten Human Birdwings en The Modular Body voor kunstenaar Floris Kaayk, die beiden viral gingen en tientallen miljoenen views hebben. Onlangs won ze voor The Modular Body een Gouden Kalf voor Beste interactieve werk.

Session: Meet the Maker - Non fiction stories

Location: Zone 4, Table 3

Time: 11.40 AM & 1.30 PM & 2.20 PM

Non fiction stories: makers

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This speaker elaborates on the the non-fiction aspect of storytelling in the Meet the Makers-program. How can non-fiction formats be portrayed and told in a different way? What consequences do these platforms have for the maker? These are a few of the questions that he or she will focus on. On the right, you can see which speakers will also talk about ...