Partly thanks to the financial support of our partners, VPRO Medialab is able to investigate the future of storytelling through research and experiment.

Gemeente Eindhoven

'The arrival of VPRO Medialab is a wonderful addition to the current media cluster that is growing at Strijp-S. Within this cluster, institutes, labs, businesses and festivals are researching the exciting relationship between technology, media and creativity', says Mary-Ann Schreurs, Alderman of Innovation and Culture at Gemeente Eindhoven.

Brabant C

Brabant invests in art and culture. With Brabant C, the province aims to stimulate that more art and culture will be seen and experienced in Brabant in the future, at both national and international levels.

Creative Industries Fund Netherlands

Creative Industries Fund NL is the Dutch cultural fund for architecture, design and digital culture, as well as every imaginable crossover. The Fund strives to make a substantial contribution to the quality of professional design practice within and especially between the disciplines of architecture, design and digital culture.

Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven

Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven was founded in June 2015 and is responsible for the implementation of the culture policy of Gemeente Eindhoven.