Meet an independent public broadcasting company that is widely recognized, both in the Netherlands and abroad, as an innovative organization.

The VPRO is an independent media organization, tracing its public broadcast heritage all the way back to 1926. Through the decades it has continued to reinvent itself, thus remaining relevant to many different audiences within a constantly changing society.

The VPRO has built a global reputation for exploring issues that matter and building audiences in new and avant-garde ways. Across countries, the VPRO is widely recognized as a media pioneer. Our creative teams explore what’s happening at the edges of society, chase innovation and contribute to the public discourse.

Our audience can find us on a multitude of platforms: on the television or radio, in a weekly magazine, on websites, in apps, during live events... And we are always looking for new ways to stimulate meaningful conversation.

Global citizenship and creativity are core values at the VPRO. We encourage interest, engagement and participation by being involved in a broad range of cultural and scientific activities.

We have won numerous awards, including Emmy Awards, Prix Europa and many prizes at internationally renowned film festivals.


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the AI Song Contest

Conchita and Duncan, move over! The next major Eurovision artist might be a computer. In the AI ​​Song Contest teams of musicians, artists, scientists and developers take on the challenge of creating a new Eurovision-like hit with the help of artificial intelligence. 

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standing rock

interactive web documentary

The Sioux fear the (drinking) water in the river will be contaminated. Furthermore, the oil pipeline is a disruption to historical sacred ground. At the start of 2017 a small group of water protectors still remains at the site. 

the mind of the universe

a short introduction to the mind of the universe

The mind of the universe is a journey along and beyond the borders of science. It is the first open source science series ever, and it offers an online learning experience.