VPRO Medialab consists of a final editor and producer. We are happy to introduce ourselves!

VPRO Medialab is part of the VPRO Digital department. The Digital department builds and maintains the VPRO websites and apps, is up to date with the latest trends and implements these in new media formats and forms of distribution. VPRO Medialab consists of two permanent employees and an intern. We also work closely with our colleagues in Hilversum.



Annelies Termeer

Editor in chief

As editor-in-chief, Annelies Termeer focuses on the content of the VPRO Medialab projects. She is fascinated by the ever-changing relationship between people and technology and is always looking for new ways of storytelling. She loves crazy experiments, but always tries to keep a sharp eye on the experience of the user. Previously she was project leader and concept developer at VPRO Digital. In this role she worked on Super Stream Me, VPRO Zwelgplek, the daily app VPRO Koos and interactive YouTube movie Love & Engineering. Before this, she worked at the film museum EYE, documentary festival IDFA and at the Amsterdam Museum Night as co-director. Besides the digital world, she also likes analogue things like film, yoga, coffee, traveling and her vegetable garden.

Samantha Castano


Samantha is a VPRO Medialab’er of the first degree and as producer she is Ton’s right hand woman. She keeps an eye on all the business goings-on of the lab: the planning of projects, making and managing budgets and the production of events. Samantha graduated in Digital Access to Cultural Heritage from the University of Leiden. She then worked as project leader at Premsela, Het Nieuwe Instituut and freelance from her own enterprise, where she developed exhibitions, conferences, publications, a course programme. Samantha loves cheerful design, fish ’n chips for lunch, far travels. You can regularly find Samantha in the swimming pool and at Pilates.

Extended team

The VPRO Medialab team is not alone. We have an extended team, consisting of VPRO employees that regularly make a contribution to the programme and/or organisation of VPRO Medialab. 

Leonieke Verhoog (cross-mediaal conceptontwikkelaar), Annelies Termeer (projectleider afdeling Digitaal), Geert-Jan Bogaerts (hoofd afdeling Digitaal), Wim Amels en Vera Lentjes (fonds- en sponsorwerving), Marcus van der Zwaag (In Bedrijf), Gerben van Heijningen, (producer afdeling Digitaal), Lex Lake (officemanager afdeling Digitaal), GertJan Kuijper (manager projectleiders afdeling Digitaal).