VPRO Medialab is wondering: is it time for the HoloLens?

Tree Trunk Chair: experience the 200-year design process in a few minutes with mixed media

22 Oct - 
30 Oct
October 22, 2016 T/M October 30, 2016
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
VDMA Gebouw, Vestdijk 25-27, 5611CA Eindhoven

VPRO Medialab is wondering: is it time for the HoloLens?

Maarten Baas’ most recent design, The Tree Trunk Chair, will be completed in 2216. The artist has a fascination for time and with this piece plays with the 200-year-long design process. By placing a mould in a young tree, a chair will gradually be formed in the trunk over the course of 200 years. The tree will be planted in the garden of the Groninger Museum, where a chair can be harvested in 2216. 

VPRO Medialab carries out research into new platforms and formats for telling stories. VPRO Medialab will present the story of The Tree Trunk Chair during DDW, together with artist Sander Veenhof and DDW ambassador Maarten Baas. For nine days, visitors will be able to undergo an alienating and yet magical mixed reality experience via the HoloLens. 

The HoloLens is a Virtual Reality goggle extraordinaire, allowing you to see the physical world with an extra layer of VR added to it. It creates a mixed reality in which you can spend a few minutes experiencing how 200 years go by and the slow design story of The Tree Trunk Chair from VPRO Medialab. Walk under the branches, meet interesting characters and decide for yourself the course of your experience.

It is the first time that a European broadcaster has carried out research into the creative and technical possibilities of the HoloLens and shared the results with a wider audience.

Directions and openingtimes

VPRO Medialab is wondering: is it time for the HoloLens? is Saturday 22 October open from 11 AM - 11 PM and all other days from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Location: VDMA-building, Vestdijk 31T, 5611 CA Eindhoven. In the hall on the right you'll find the VPRO Medialab experience. This is walking distance from the Eindhoven station.

Reservation for the HoloLens experience

A total of 288 people can participate in this exclusive experience. The experience takes about 15 minutes. It if possible to reserve only one timeslot per person.
At 9 pm the reservation for the next day closes. For each day a few timeslots are left open, so people can reserve on the spot. In case all the timeslots of your day of choice are sold out, you can check with us at the experience if it is still possible to register.

The HoloLens experience is free, a DDW-ticket to access the VDMA-building is needed. Read more about DDW-tickets.

Click on the links below to reserve a timeslot on your day and time of choice:

Saturday 22 October

Sunday 23 October

Monday 24 October

Tuesday 25 October

Wednesday 26 October

Thursday 27 October

Friday 28 October

Saturday 29 October

Sunday 30 October

When making a reservation, please note:

  • You may order only one ticket per person during the whole DDW;
  • Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes early;
  • You will find us at the end of the exhibition, close to the exit;
  • The ticket is only valid during the timeslot of 15 minutes stated on your ticket. When late, the ticket is no longer valid;
  • The ticket is only valid in combination with a DDW wristband (available online and at the door);
  • The experience is in Dutch, an English handout is available;
  • Please bring this ticket to the HoloLens experience, printed or on your smartphone;
  • To get the most out of the experience, we recommend not to watch the demo video on our informationwall;
  • We cannot be held responsible for any changes or technical interference.

Maarten Baas Makes Time

Maarten Baas Makes Time is an exhibition, a festival of arts, a creative explosion. The exhibition can be visited nine days in the VDMA-building during Dutch Design Week. The expereince VPRO Medialab is wondering: is it time for the HoloLens? is part of the expo.

The exhibition brings us designer Maarten Baas in the role of the alchemist. For the 15th anniversary of Dutch Design Week he mixes up gastronomy with graphic design, the arts with theatre and shows an amalgamation of Dutch designers using 'time' as a central theme, showcasing the work of renowned designers (Jurgen Bey, Kiki van Eijk) and younger talent (Niels Hoebers, Aart van Asseldonk).

By eradicating the boundaries between the creative disciplines Maarten Baas designs a complete new creation. The exhibition is a celebration of the creative disciplines and will leave the visitor enchanted.

Maarten Baas Makes Time is a co-creation of artists among whom: celebrated chef Sergio Herman, graphic designer Anthon Beeke, illustrator Nanne Meulendijks, author Ingmar Heytze, photographer Lisa Klappe, theatre director Joris van Midde, artist Sander Veenhof, and also VPRO Medialab.