Meet Up at Todaysart

Exploration of the future of storytelling: non-fiction

23 Sep
September 23, 2016
2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Filmhuis, Spui 191, 2511 BN, Den Haag (Zaal 5 & Studio B)
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As a broadcaster, you tell stories on TV, radio and the internet. But stories are now everywhere: on your body, in the train, on your phone. How can you use these new and unexpected platforms to tell stories? Which stories are suited to which mediums? And not least, how do you reach that audience? With the travelling dialogue ‘VPRO Medialab Meet Up’, VPRO Medialab moves around the country to research the future of storytelling. Media makers and storytellers with diverse backgrounds and from various disciplines meet, research and inspire each other: from programme maker to journalist, from creative coder to game developer and from artist to innovation expert. 

We are researching 5 aspects of storytelling in collaboration with 5 national media festivals. First stop is TodaysArt on 23 September, where Non-fiction Stories are key

Meetup @ TodaysArt


Doors open


Opening VPRO Medialab Meet Up: getting to know each other


Keynote 1: Floris Kaayk


Keynote 2: Rob van Hattum


Introduction makers


Meet the Makers round 1

Table 1: Floris Kaayk
Table 2: Rob van Hattum
Table 3: Ali Eslami
Table 4: Chris Bajema
Table 5: Maite Vermeulen
Table 6: tba


Changing tables


Meet the Makers round 2
Table 1: Floris Kaayk
Table 2: Rob van Hattum
Table 3: Ali Eslami
Table 4: Chris Bajema
Table 5: Maite Vermeulen
Table 6: tba


Conclusion Meet the Makers


Panel discussion with six makers


Conclusion by Geert-Jan Bogaerts, head Digital VPRO





Meet Up @ TodaysArt

The First Meet Up-stop of our travelling dialogue is TodaysArt in The Hague on Friday 23 September. This festival is an international platform for transdisciplinary creativity and digital culture. The Meet Up focuses on Non-fiction stories

The VPRO Medialab Meet Up is part of TodaysArt Bright Collisions. Bright Collisions is an international symposium that aims to form a meeting point with a cross-sector focus aiming to promote transdisciplinary and creative explorations.

Participation in VPRO Medialab Meet Ups

Interested in how makers use various kinds of media to tell their story?

Would you like to have a say during the Meet Up? Tickets are 10 and can be purchased here. There is a limited number of tickets, so make sure you buy in advance. 

If you are in posession of a TodaysArt Festival Pass or Friday Ticket you can participate in the VPRO Medialab Meet Up, please register via this form beforehand. 


The programme is as follows:
- Introduction
- Presentations from Floris Kaayk and Rob van Hattum
- Meet the maker round 1
- Meet the maker round 2
- Panel discussion with all 6 makers
- Meet Up Summary
- Drinks

Meet the Makers

We have invited six inspirational (inter)national makers to each VPRO Medialab Meet Up, together with the relevant media festival. After two of their presentations about storytelling you can join the group with your favourite storyteller. In a small setting, you can then together examine and research how the medium influences the story, if the format is appropriate to the medium and how you can help the maker, and he you.

Click 'open' to read more about the makers

The Modular Body is Dutch multimedia artist and filmmaker Floris Kaayk’s latest foray into the realm of online storytelling. Created in collaboration with journalist and artist Ine Poppe, The Modular Body recounts the story of bio-technologist Cornelis Vlasman and his very own, miniature Frankenstein, OSCAR, the world’s first living organism built from human cells. Told through an intricate web of 56 interconnected videos, each clip, whether video blog update or news report, reveals another intimate detail of the OSCAR puzzle. The Modular Body follows in the footsteps of Human Birdwings and Rayfish Footwear, toying with the ways in which information, be it fact or fiction, is consumed and disseminated across the internet. But where the earlier projects presented themselves as marvels of scientific discovery, The Modular Body is explicitly a fanciful work of science fiction. 

This Meet Up Floris Kaayk will give a talk about this project and will afterwards host a table during the Meet the makers rounds.

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Ali Eslami(1991) is a computerartist based in Tehran, Iran. He has been working with VR-technology since 2014. He develops and designs VR Experiences to explore new pathways. Besides VR he’s been spanning through varied genres in computer art mostly focused on 3D environments. He started self learning 3D for Architectural Viz since 2005 and softly changed his focus to varied fields like animation, computer graphics, creative coding, interactive prototypes and data visualization.  

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more information soon