Free money with strings attched

28 Apr - 
30 Apr
April 28, 2017 T/M April 30, 2017
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, 5617 LZ, Eindhoven
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Free money with strings attached

We are giving out free money! During Economia festival, visitors should prepare themselves to be flooded with cash. Not the kind of cash that you are used to in your daily live, but a currency based on your own values and beliefs. How do your needs and desires, interactions and transactions end up in an economic system, and what are its consequences for society?

Economy seems to be about the hard and measurable truth. But what is the deal with our invisible values and motivations? How do they influence what we buy, how we behave and the kind of society we have? How can we use them to create an ideal society?

A personal currency

EGONOMIA transforms our values and motivations into a personal currency. Through playful interactions, the experiment will let you use this currency while questioning your own ideas. It shows how your motivations influence yourself, society and how you can use them to create another, better world. The first prototype of EGONOMIA will be tested at Economia festival on 28, 29 and 30 April 2017 in Natlab, Eindhoven.

Get your free cash

Want this free cash? Go to and press the "Get your free cash here" button. Fill in a short value-survey and receive a QR code. Then show up at Economia festival at the cash machine with the code and get your own personalized bills.

EGONOMIA is a project by Mark van der Net (architect, urban designer and programmer,, who is at the forefront of the growing field of Smart Urbanism, and Wiepko Oosterhuis (curator Economia) and powered by VPRO Medialab, Baltan Laboratories, Droog Design / Design+Desires, Park Strijpbeheer.

Economia – A festival on economy, without the economists

EGONOMIA is part of Economia, a 3-day festival that explores new ideas and thinking about our economy. In this laboratory for ideas we can step out of the existing frame of thought. The festival presents unexpected and playful approaches looking at the essence of economy, thus establishing a fresh point of view on the economic system and our society. Read more about Economia, the program and buying tickets here.