The Mind Live

Debate evening as a preview to episode 8 of the VPRO series The Mind of the Universe

16 Jun
June 16, 2017
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Fontys Hogeschool ICT Eindhoven
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As a preview to episode 8 of the international VPRO series The Mind of the Universe, VPRO Medialab, together with VPRO and KNAW, is organising The Mind Live followed by a discussion with three prominent scientists: VR-specialist Carolina Cruz, man-machine researcher Catholijn Jonker and quantum expert Julia Cramer.

About The Mind of the Universe

The Mind of the Universe is the international television series of an open source online project about the rapid evolution of our knowledge: from the depths of the universe to the core of our earth and the limits of our own existence. The ten-part TV series portrays leading scientists from all over the world and provides an impression of the boundaries of our knowledge and a glimpse into the future of mankind. Robbert Dijkgraaf links all the stories together in the Dutch version.

Open source

All the raw video material of the items is freely available to the general public; excellently searchable using key words and completely sub-titled in English. It is all made available through a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) on this separate website

The Mind Live: Man ♥ Machine ♥ Man

Smartphone, pacemaker, Siri, smart algorithms, brain implants. Man and machine are fusing together more and more. Is this a bad thing? People and machines solve problems in different ways and can reinforce each other. Machines are better able to deal with some problems, but only humans have free will. This debate evening, organised by the KNAW, the VPRO and the VPRO Medialab, sees three renowned scientists in discussion with each other about the fusion of man and machine, led by Rob van Hattum, chief editor of The Mind of the Universe. What dos this mean for our future?

Programme The Mind Live

Preceding and following the debate there is the opportunity to experience virtual reality yourself: employees and students of Fontys Hogeschool demonstrate the newest techniques that combine reality with fiction. 

Programme structure:

19:00 arrival and VR demonstrations
20:00-22:00 debate evening with Carolina Cruz, Catholijn Jonker and Julia Cramer
22:00-22:30 drinks and VR demonstration
23.00 End

Special guest all the way from America is Carolina Cruz, virtual reality pioneer of the highest degree from Little Rock in the state of Arkansas. Cruz sketches a world of tomorrow in which we will live in an increasing level of virtual reality. Life in multiple worlds, what does that say about your identity?

Servaas Kokkelmans is Associate Professor aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Zijn werkgebied ligt in de quantumfysica, en hij is met name geïnteresseerd in nieuwe quantumtechnologieën. Zijn groep aan de TU/e doet onderzoek naar quantumsimulators en ultrakoude quantumgassen met sterke interacties.


Another special guest is professor Catholijn Jonker (TU Delft). She is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and man-machine interaction. How will technology shape our lives in the future?


Date and time: Friday June 16, 19.00 - 22.30.

Location: Fontys Hogeschool Campus Rachelsmolen, Aula Gebouw R5, Rachelsmolen 1, 5612 MA, Eindhoven. Route description.

Entry: Free, registrer here for free.