Bliksem en Donderdag #10

The special edition

03 May
May 3, 2018
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
De Kazerne, Paradijslaan 8, Eindhoven
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A Thursday enlightening event

Bliksem en Donderdag, ‘a Thursday enlightening event’, is all about inspiration, interaction, connection and acceleration. This new platform gives makers, thinkers, doers and dreamers a chance to share, test and accelerate their ideas. VPRO Medialab took the initiative and invited TU/e, Baltan Laboratories and High Tech Campus to work together on this platform. 

Edition #10 - an anniversary

Thursday 3 May Bliksem en Donderdag celebrates an anniversary with its 10th edition! 10 editions, 80 pitchers, 20 experts and over 1000 visitors: that calls for a toast!

We’ll celebrate with bubbles, but also with Muppets and pitchers from previous editions. What is the status of the projects they pitched in the past? What did Bliksem en Donderdag mean for their concepts? And what are the pitchers up to these days?

Secure your free seat

Join in and register for this enlightening evening here! Everyone is welcome, but we only have 90 places available. The evening if free of charge, including a drink voucher. Official language is English.  

Mini lecture by Alain Heureux: Why we innovate

Bliksem en Donderdag focuses on a hands-on approach of innovative projects. For this special 10th edition we have invited Belgian innovation expert Alain Heureux to take a step back with us, and speak about the why of innovation. What will we gain as people and as a city? Alain is one of the members of the Creative Ring in Europe, that positions “ecosystems of creative people” as a service for European and regional authorities, as well as for Corporate organizations looking for disruptive ideas towards their current practices. Alain: "All over Europe the emergence of creative and vibrant tribes representing the multiple helix are shaping a smarter and more inclusive society! Looking forward to meet again with the ecosystem of Eindhoven.”  

The Muppets

Two ‘Muppets’ are present for each edition. Two experts from a certain discipline such as technology, design or media listen from the sidelines just like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. They give each pitcher feedback or pose a critical question. We'll announce the Muppets soon.

Erik Sjouerman is co-founder and creative director of creative agency HeyHeydeHaas. He strongly believes in the curious and non-stupid nature of clients and people in general. HeyHeydeHaas is based in Eindhoven and operates worldwide. HeyHeydeHaas works with clients on design, brand and identity development in both the physical and digital realm.

Erik was Muppet at Bliksem en Donderdag #4, and by popular demand, is back for this anniversary edition.

Elise Talgorn outgrew her curiosity as a physicist and turned to Design Thinking to feed her deeper need to imagine the future. She works now as a senior strategic design researcher at Philips Design. The permanent flicker between her left and right brain stirs high-tech, trends and foresight to generate inventions for healthcare. Using storytelling to hold together people insights, clinical knowledge and technological innovation, she builds forward-looking user-centric interaction and experience scenarios.

The pitchers

We'll announce the Muppets soon. Want to pitch yourself? Send us an email:

Turn it off is an impact campaign using online and offline media to question the ubiquity of wireless networks and offer tools to escape them.

Janina and her team are looking to collaborate with designers, researchers, thinkers, artists and makers to organize screenings, share stories, share work and engage with them in a public debate on how, if and when we want to connect with our wireless devices.

Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit (MLEK) is a toolkit for learning more about your own meditation practice by doing experiments. With the kit you can explore how your environment (at the moment light) can have a positive effect on your meditation quality. The kit consists of a wearable with nine bio-metric and environmental sensors in combination with a software platform for logging and viewing data, both quantitative and qualitative. A smart algorithm will learn how to change your environment to increase your meditation quality. The software uses Internet of Things technology to communicate with lights in your environment.

Danielle is looking for people who are interested in using the experimenter kit for a longer period to collect data and test certain light conditions. She is also looking for a way to have (temporary) access to Philips Hue Bridges and Go lights.

There are some alternative medicines in different cultures, and their effects sometimes cannot be proved by contemporary scientific researches. They are usually even regarded as cultural myths, such as tiger penis for virility in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). And the huge demand of wild animal parts as TCM results in increasing endangered animals. However, TCM still could contain a certain value which differs from mainstream western medicine. How can we find a solution for the conflict between the value of traditional Chinese medical culture and the contemporary way of thinking of environmental conservation?

The tiger penis-project proposes new forms of creating artificial animal part by emerging biotechnologies for Chinese medication which will help to avoid putting in danger more animals. By combining Western and Chinese medicine, the methodology of this hybrid medicine provides more possibilities for the human society and natural environment. Kuang-Yi is looking for advice and reaction about the conflict between Asian medical culture and the thinkings of environmental conservation from western community.

E52 is an Eindhoven based journalism platform that brings news on innovation. E52 is looking to expand and M52 will be the first out-of-country hub for the E52, in Munich, Germany. It’s the first step in a plan that aims at growing to be a European organisation for news on innovation.

E52 is preparing the M52 start very carefully, but is always in search of (better) network and of (more) specific contacts in the ecosystem of technology and innovation. Also, companies, organisations and individuals that are doing business in Brabant as well as Bayern, are welcome.

Join us for dinner

Prior to Bliksem en Donderdag you can join us for dinner. Get to know the pitchers and Muppets and other visitors in an informal setting. You can choose a meat, fish or vegetarian main course with delicious bread and oil from the Vlaamsch Broodhuys as a starter. Cost are €20 and dinner starts at 6pm.

Mail to or call 040 304 1388 to make reservation and mention Bliksem en Donderdag.