IoT: Live the Future

Internet of Things

We are on the verge of a new technological development: the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices that we use on a daily basis are being increasingly connected to the internet.

As such, these devices can save data, react to patterns and communicate with each other. These smart or connected devices are already being used by millions of Americans, for example in the form of a digital home assistant: a speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home, with which you can communicate using your voice.


The Internet of Things is the central theme of the new VPRO Medialab project in 2018: Blok22. With Blok22 we want to explore the possibilities of storytelling in, around and with a ‘smart home’. Furthermore, we also want to contribute to awareness around the Internet of Things: technology that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Connected devices

Connected devices are on the rise in the daily lives of many people. The heating in your house is controlled by Nest, an app tells you where you car is parked and you order your groceries using the Amazon-assistant Alexa. Your movements in your home are tracked, habits are recorded, devices get to know you and become better at knowing where your needs lie.

What are the consequences of this new technology on people’s lives? These devices are intended to offer you convenience and make your life easier. Who knows, you may soon feel like you have the perfect butler in your home. Or even a new good friend. But on the other hand: do these devices blindly follow your wishes or is it a two-way street where they also have influence on you? Do they create a profile of you? Do the companies that produce these devices have a double agenda; are they trying to change your behaviour?

Connected or disconnected?

At the same time there is a noticeable counter movement in our society. From completely connected to completely disconnected. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to live without the internet and connected devices; either voluntarily (offline as a luxury, digital detox) or because they have become physically or mentally ill from digital signals and radiation: an illness known as EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity).

Korte films over IoT

The project Blok22 consists of several different projects and events in 2018. A Hackathon will take place in February, in which we will explore the storytelling powers of home assistants. We are also going to furnish an apartment in Eindhoven as a smart home and three short films will be made in the run-up to Dutch Design Week, in collaboration with VPRO Drama, that take place in this completely connected smart home.

On December 22 about 20 screenwriters received information about IoT and connected devices in an inpsirationsession. After this, VPRO Medialab receives 14 scripts of which three are chosen and will be developed into three shortmovies the next months. Keep an eye on our website for more information soon.