Scroll comics are the modern form of traditional comic books. Due to the increasing diversity of media and the emergence of new technology, this form of storytelling is a growing phenomenon within the comic world.

Scroll strips

the modern comic experience

A scroll comic is a modern take on comic books. It presents stories in a series of continuous images that are being shifted on the screen. Scrolled from left to right or from top to the bottom.  The great thing about these comics is that they are easily accessible on your smartphone, e-reader or tablet, very convenient for on the go.
 The biggest difference with the traditional comic books that we are used to, is that scroll comics are presented in a different way. Which allows you to skim through the story faster (or slower) and it gives creators more options to make the story more vivid.

The digital format of the scroll comics makes it possible to use multiple elements such as audio and interaction, which makes you experience the story from a completely different perception. 'Parallax' is a scroll/animation technique that moves background images more slowly than layers in the front this creates an illusion of a 2D effect.  The Parallax effect is mostly being applied in computer/video games and scroll strips.

Examples of the Parallax scroll technique:
Hybrid4 Peugeot comic
Walking Dead comic
Hobolobo comic

A well-known collection of scroll comics is Webtoons where makers can upload their own comics and share them with others.


Interactive or motion comics go one step further than the scroll strips, becoming complete multimedia productions with audio design and 3D characters.

For an example of motion comics and scroll comics See: Screendiver Created by Remco Vlaanderen, in 2016 from the Submarine Channel for the comic days in Haarlem under the title Motion Comics - The beginning.