Last year, Facebook purchased FacioMetrics, which was founded by students.

This start-up developed an app called ‘Intraface'. The software is able to recognise no less than seven different facial emotions. In a statement from Facebook the organisation states that the take-over will ensure that “more fun effects can be added to photos and videos”. For instance: filters, effects and masks that work in real time, just like competitor Snapchat is already doing. On tech-blog Techcrunch they are already fantasising about what this could possibly mean for the future of the Facebook user. According to Techcrunch, FacioMetrics could also be used to ‘like’ posts just by smiling, but there are no concrete plans as yet. But Facebook is carrying out explorative research into operating and opening mobile apps using various facial expressions. Facebook has now removed the Intraface app from the Appstore.

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