The wearable sensors for elderly people are no longer ugly, awkward and complicated, but user friendly, discreet and powerful.

Samsung is currently working on 'smart' environments for seniors that contain health sensor technology, but also help to operate devices, locks and light bulbs from a distance. “First and foremost, these must be wearables with which the senior feels comfortable”, said dr. Dave Rhew, head of Healthcare and Fitness at Samsung Electronics America in an interview. The sensors can monitor heart rate and blood pressure, for example, but can also focus on effectively monitoring health and lifestyle interventions. Another recent example of wearables for the elderly is the Zanthion sensor. This can be worn as a beautifully designed accessory around the neck, or hung on a belt. The wearable records whether the senior is active (enough) and how long it takes nursing staff to react to a call from the user.  

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