Join us off the beaten track and gain new insights, ideas and concepts within 24 or 48 hours during a VPRO Medialab Hackathon.

We can organise your hackathon

VPRO Medialab organises hackathons in which the participants work together to achieve solutions, based on questions around your theme or technology. We are responsible for the entire production so that you, together with the participants, can get the most out of the hackathon. During our hackathons we connect technological networks, creative makers and critical thinkers with each other and thus create new concepts.

We are experts in organizing Hackathons in the field of technology, media and social imoact. Experimental, transverse and creative: typically VPRO!


The programme consists of various activities, such as brainstorming about new concepts, developing the first (technical) prototypes and the presentation and discussion of the concepts. Employees of the VPRO digital department organise and assist with the hackathon; knowledge and experience you can really use.

What can we take out of your hands?

  • The entire logistical production: location, catering, technical setup;
  • Recruitment and invitation of participants with the right mixture of expertise, as well as several mentors;
  • Event timing, management of processes, monitoring and evaluation;
  • One senior VPRO project manager to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Why would you organise a hackathon?

  • Hackathons have been proven as the foundation for new ideas. It is a good tool for stimulating the creative and problem-solving capabilities of the participants;
  • The time limit in a hackathon forces the participants to distil their visionary concepts into useful solutions;
  • To provide a fresh vision on external business challenges, products and organisations;
  • A hackathon is also an excellent way of gaining feedback on an existing product or service.


Interested? Please contact Samantha Castano ( We will be happy to look into the possibilities with you.