Thirteen teams from Europe and Australia have been working overtime lately, hunched over their computers to create the ultimate Eurovision hit with the help of artificial intelligence. The best track as chosen by the audience and AI experts will be unveiled in a festive live stream on Tuesday 12 May at 8:30 pm CET. Who will scoop up douze points and win the AI Song Contest 2020?

AI Song Contest live stream: Tuesday 12 May 2020, 8:30PM - 9PM CEST,

The host of the evening is Belgian comedian and nerd Lieven Scheire, who always wanted to present the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience rankings will be announced by Emma Wortelboer. While composer and AI researcher Vincent Koops will reveal the points awarded by the jury. The thirteen participating teams will be present via a live connection in a digital greenroom. Expect a combination of Song Contest, science, glitter, and computer code!

Lieven Scheire

Emma Wortelboer

About the AI Song Contest

Computer scientists, coders, musicians and rappers trained their AI systems to compose the ultimate Eurovision hit. The audience will judge until May 10 whether they succeeded: did the machine make a catchy song? A professional jury with expertise in music and AI will judge: how much AI has been used in the song, and has AI been used in a creative way?

AI Song Contest live stream: Tuesday 12 May 2020, 8:30PM - 9PM CEST,