Despite the corona crisis and working remotely in the last week before the deadline, 13 teams from across Europe and Australia have managed to create an AI Song Contest song using artificial intelligence. From 10 April, all entries can be heard on this website and you will determine which AI songs earn your douze points.

But before that happens, here’s a little sneak peak into the submissions. In some of the songs AI proves to be quite anarchistic and came up with rather provocative lyrics. And who would have thought AI can generate melodies based on animal sounds? The teams generated a wide variety of genres, ranging from piano ballads to punk to pop songs where a glitter cannon wouldn't be out of place.

Entries come from the Netherlands (2), Australia, Sweden, Belgium (2), United Kingdom, France (2), Germany (3) and Switzerland.

All teams have challenged themselves enormously by combining all their knowledge in the field of AI composition. And they are eager to present the results to the world on 10 April. Stay tuned!