Step 2 Part 2 - character card 7: Jason Warner

Jason Warner

Warner is the Zone President for Europe at AB InBev beers, a Belgian multinational drink and brewing company that includes Budweiser. InBev is an example of a private company that makes an attempt to fight against climate change. Part of the company's 2025 sustainability goals is to purchase 100% renewable electricity for its operations. They are developing a solar farm in Spain that will provide 250 gigawatt hours or per year in 2020, in order to brew their beers across Western Europe with renewable electricity (the equivalent of nearly 670,000 homes).

Jason Warner said that “as a brewer, we rely on natural ingredients to make our beers, so we know that sustainability is our business. From recycling CO2 released in the brewing process to eliminating plastic from our packaging, we are constantly looking to have a net positive environmental effect.”