Step 2 Part 2 - character card 9: Blanca Bernal

Blanca BernalĀ 

This Spanish scientist is a biogeochemistry analyst for ecosystem services and natural resources. She works at Winrock International where she applies scientific concepts and advances to practical strategies for sustainable development around the world in order to mitigate climate change.

In the winter of 2019-2020, she took part in a network of 100 international female scientists called the Homeward Bound Antarctic Program. Their objective was to fight climate change and to claim a role for women in science against gender inequality. 

Blanca believes in the ability of communities to change society, and she hopes that Homeward Bound will inspire present and future generations to promote a more just, conscious, and sustainable world.

She is also one of the promoters of Ellas Lideran - a Spanish initiative committed to the empowerment and leadership of women to achieve a sustainable future.