Step 2 Part 1 Fact Sheet 13: Femicide

Femicide... a sex-based hate crime term, broadly defined as “the intentional killing of females (women or girls) because they are females.”

In France and Spain more than 100 women are killed each year for being a woman. Mostly by an (ex-)partner, sometimes by other men or family members. Despite legislation against gender related violence, since 2004, 796 women were killed in Spain, and even more in France. Both countries know a strong macho-culture that too often prompts men to use violence against women.

On March 8, 2020, on International Women’s Day, huge marches of protesters against femicide were organized in several European cities. The French and Spanish governments are preparing laws to ban sex related violence. An important part of such legislation is about the principle of mutual consent: you can only have sex if both partners agree. With this new law, the Spanish government shows its ambition to set a new European standard in fighting femicide and sexual harassment.