Step 2 Part 2 Fact Sheet 15: a different view on #MeToo

A Different View on #MeToo

Shortly after Hollywood offered a show of support for the #MeToo movement on the Golden Globes red carpet and stage, a famous actress on the other side of the Atlantic lent her name to a public letter denouncing the movement, as well as its French counterpart, #Balancetonporc, or “Expose Your Pig.” Actress Catherine Deneuve joined more than 100 other French women in entertainment, publishing and academic fields in the pages of the newspaper Le Monde. They argued that the two movements, in which women and men have used social media as a forum to describe sexual misconduct, had gone too far by publicly prosecuting private experiences and had created a totalitarian climate. “Rape is a crime. But insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression,” the letter begins. 

“As a result of the Weinstein affair, there has been a legitimate realization of the sexual violence women experience, particularly in the workplace, where some men abuse their power. It was necessary. But now this liberation of speech has been turned on its head.” They contend that the #MeToo movement has led to a campaign of public accusations that have placed undeserving people in the same category as sex offenders without giving them a chance to defend themselves. “This expedited justice already has its victims, men prevented from practicing their profession as punishment, forced to resign, etc., while the only thing they did wrong was touching a knee, trying to steal a kiss, or speaking about ‘intimate’ things at a work dinner, or sending messages with sexual connotations to a woman whose feelings were not mutual,” they write.

(source: The New York Times, January 9, 2018)