Step 2 Part 2 Fact Sheet 24: inequality in sports

Inequality in Sports

Nowadays, women try to fight for equal pay, for instance in sports, where Serena Williams successfully protested against inequality in pay in top tennis. However, a lot of female top athletes are still earning less than their male counterparts:

Gender stereotyping is a process in which children’s biological sex determines the activities that they do or do not engage in, as well as the manner in which they are treated in these activities. Sports are generally considered a masculine domain, and this stereotype results in boys’ perceived greater ability and attaching greater importance to sport than girls. This contributes to the gender differences observed in sport. The following statements are some specific examples of gender stereotyping:

1. Females have not been as encouraged by parents to be physically active. 
2. Females are less apt to be taught and to engage in fundamental motor skills during sensitive periods.
3. Female athletes are constantly sexualised by the media.
4. Boys who are not physically skilled or good athletes experience ridicule and embarrassment, based on the rigid male stereotypes that include strength, muscularity, athleticism, and lack of empathy for other participants.


Why is Media Coverage Important?