Step 2 Part 3 Choices

1. Choose one of the following aspects to investigate regarding gender (in)equality:

  • Legislation

  • Awareness/public opinion

  • How to better the personal situation of people suffering from gender inequality?

  • Consequences of gender (in)equality for young people

  • Consequences of gender (in)equality for society in your country

  • Acceptance of LGBTQ+ people

  • Image of women, LGBTQ+ people in media 

  • ...

2. Think of a main character you would prefer to interview:

  • Girl/woman/LGBTQ+

  • Boy/man/LGBTQ+

  • Feminist/activist

  • Scientist

  • Politician

  • Religious person

  • Someone with a personal experience of gender inequality

  • … 

Make sure that your group has chosen the topic for the documentary by the end of this part, so that you can start doing research in the next step.