RIOT - Veldwerk #5

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Safaa Bouzambou ,

In Veldwerk#5 filmmaker Karen Palmer creator of the interactive live-action film ‘RIOT’ an emotional responsive movie with 3D sound design and real-time face tracking software.

The film that watches you

The movie ‘RIOT’ was created after the big riots of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, after the death of 18-year-old African American Michael Brown who died due to police violence.

Palmer saw the images and started talking about the lack of role models in these situations. At that moment she realized that it is within each of us.  ‘RIOT’ is as the maker states, "An emotionally responsive live-action movie with 3D sound design and face recognition technology."

The story of 'RIOT' is about a protest march that has just broken out in the neighborhood.  You get in contact with different characters from looters to police, activists, and citizens like yourself. The goal is to return home unharmed but, whether it succeeds depends entirely on your emotional face responses. The way you interact with each of these characters determines the continuation of the story.

To experience the movie ‘RIOT’ no hardware is required. "The viewer stands in front of the screen without VR glasses or holding something in their hands that makes them excited," Palmer says. You stand and stare while the film stares at you and see the consequences of your reactions on screen. 

With her project, Palmer hopes not only to inspire people but also make them aware of our behavior, a moment of self-reflection. Palmer, who previously worked in the commercial industry,  believes media is still too disposable. We are way too busy selling while entertainment can be used to empower ourselves as well.

RIOT by Karen Palmer

RIOT was made by Karen Palmer StorytellerFromTheFuture

More about RIOT on the website

Credits Veldwerk:

Maker Leonieke Verhoog
Montage: Wouter Sessink
Web editing: Safaa Bouzambou
Editor in chief: Geert-Jan Strengholt
Production: Lex Lake and Rens Mevissen - VPRO Medialab
Music: Weval: Heaven, Listen van The Weight (2019):