Bliksem en Donderdag #7

A Thursday enlightening event

21 Sep
September 21, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
De Kazerne, Paradijslaan 8, Eindhoven
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A Thursday enlightening event

Bliksem en Donderdag, ‘a Thursday enlightening event’, is all about inspiration, interaction, connection and acceleration. This new platform gives makers, thinkers, doers and dreamers a chance to share, test and accelerate their ideas. VPRO Medialab took the initiative and invited TU/e, Baltan Laboratories and High Tech Campus to work together on this platform. The 7th edition takes place on Thursday September 21th.

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Join in and register for this enlightening evening! Everyone is welcome, but we only have 90 places available. The evening if free of charge, including a drink voucher. Use this form to register. Official language is English.

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Join us for dinner

Prior to Bliksem en Donderdag you can join us for dinner. Get to know the pitchers and Muppets and other visitors in an informal setting. You can choose a meat, fish or vegetarian main course with delicious bread and oil from the Vlaamsch Broodhuys as a starter. Cost are €20 and dinner starts at 6pm.

Mail to or call 040 304 1388 to make reservation and mention Bliksem en Donderdag.


  • Three preparations of eggplant, farro, bell pepper, chilipepper 
  • Mullet, black tiger shrimp, riso nero, artichoke
  • Farm chicken, polenta, mushroom, corn

The Muppets

Two ‘Muppets’ are present for each edition. Two experts from a certain discipline such as technology, design or media listen from the sidelines just like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. They give each pitcher feedback or pose a critical question. 

Ingrid works on a freelance basis for a diversity of companies and organisations on concept development and project management in the field of (design) innovation connected to different societal and economical challenges. For the past seven years she has been working as international project manager at Dutch Design Foundation. She believes in design for bringing people together and spark their creativity.

Bart Brouwers is professor in Journalism at the Groningen University in the Netherlands. He has a long time career in journalism; he was the editor-in-chief of a regional and a national newspaper, plus developed the nationwide local online platform for Telegraaf Media Groep. He is the founder and owner of Eindhoven based Media52 and editor-in-chief of E52, an independent online and offline journalism platform with a focus on innovation and the business of innovation in the Brainport area.

The pitchers

We’ll announce this editions pitchers soon. Want to pitch yourself? Send us an email:

Fred is Chief Experience Officer at SENSIKS, a start-up that introduces the Sensory Reality Pod (SRP) in which audio-visual experiences are synchronised with scents, temperature, airflow, vibrations, taste and light frequencies. By stimulating all senses simultaneously and connecting them to a harmonious integral experience, your brain will be activated on multiple points. It makes you feel that you really are in the experience. The product is a multi-sensory experience cabin, accompanied by a platform for the development of experiences and the distribution of these sensory experience productions. The cabin can simulate various experiences: it is possible to recall memories from the past, to create new stress reducing events or present experiences that provoke a euphoric state of mind. It can be used in wellness field, mental care, travelindustry, education, gaming, etc.

At Bliksem en Donderdag Fred is looking for possibilities for SRP to scale up SENSIKS’ user base as quickly as possible and thereby gain market and user experiences.

Janis’ project is an immersive virtual reality experience, where the spectator, travelling through different digital landscapes discovers the work of her grandfather Emīls Melderis (1889 – 1979), a Latvian sculptor. 3D scanned digital reproductions of his art pieces are curated within different contexts, forming various narratives, revealing interesting information hidden behind these art pieces. Since this project is a very personal one, Janis is curious how to bring it further. How can he create a similar VR experience about someone else’s work, maybe even from a different field than art? Which companies or potential clients would be interested in Janis telling their story in VR?

Ongoing growing population make a higher demand for meat, of which the production becomes even more and more unsustainable. This problem asks for a higher sufficiency in food production and a higher nutritional outcome per animal. Eating insects can provide a great solution to all of these problems. Despite this however, insects are frequently underappreciated by many western societies.
With these facts in mind, Matilde started a project around this subject. Insectology is a first step towards a more loving and eating society. Now it's time for Insectology 2.0. In this project Matilde wants to do even more research to recipes, culture, the newly occurring rituals around eating insects and designing the whole phenomenon into an attractive and appealing concept. At Bliksem en Donderdag, Matilde is looking for tips on ways she can change the perception of eating insects so that it makes people decide to eat insects on a more regular basis.


Due to the global need for clean mobility, the number of electrical vehicles (EVs) in the consumer market are expected to grow exponentially. However, one big bottleneck is preventing a fast adoption rate of EVs worldwide: the lack of sufficient charging infrastructures. An enormous amount of time and money is required to realize a charging infrastructure that can supply all EVs, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Lightyear circumvents this problem by offering ‘The Lightyear One’ which is independent from the charging infrastructure. The Lightyear One is the answer to the shortcomings of today’s electric vehicles. It is a beautifully designed, unplugged, energy independent car powered by the sun. Lightyear has their design presentation planned for mid 2018. But until then, Marijke is wondering how to show and explain their plans, that are quite intangible, in order to increase their credibility without giving away too much?


Veel bedrijven hebben een idee om iets met data te doen, maar komen grote barrières tegen bij het verzamelen van de juiste data en het zoeken van verbanden in data. We proberen met AI-kit de technieken van Artificial Intelligence bereikbaar te maken voor professionals zonder programmeerkennis. AI-kit is een systeem dat een simpele oplossing zoekt voor de verzameling, verwerking en exploratie van data door middel van Artificial Intelligence. Op deze manier willen we de gebruiker, die een expert is binnen zijn eigen context, de ruimte bieden om zelf te exploreren. Deze contextuele kennis is uiteindelijk van cruciaal belang in het vinden van interessante verbanden.

AI-kit is een toolkit die helpt de data te verzamelen, te verwerken, en daarnaast de juiste handvaten biedt om de verworven data te vertalen en direct weer te gebruiken binnen de eigen context. Op dit moment bevindt het project zich in de conceptuele fase waarin we op zoek zijn naar inzichten vanuit het bedrijfsleven over context-specifieke data-vraagstukken.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

How can we from Brainport Eindhoven region contribute to achieve these goals with our high-tech and design?

As Brainport, we cause brain drain, the process where highly skilled labor from a country drain’s to other countries. How can we go from brain drain towards circular brain gain?

Reroot is a crowdsourcing/crowdfunding platform to facilitate talent abroad to make a difference back home. Expats themselves can initiate a project around a business opportunity or a social challenge in their country of origin, they will be facilitated to mobilise their own social network (ethnic community & colleagues) to pre-fund their project. As a platform we will help them with matchmaking with creatives/innovators/SME’s/knowledge institutions and NGO’s.