Call for volunteers

Call for volunteer for the exhibition We Know How You Feel by VPRO Medialab & Studio Nick Verstand

21-29 October 2017

Daily from 09.30 - 18.30 hrs

Design Perron, Fuutlaan 12, Eindhoven 


Part of WKHYF is the audiovisual installation AURA by Studio Nick Verstand. The installation materialises emotions of participants into organic, pulsing light compositions of various form, color and intensity.

The transformation of emotions into light is accomplished by a scientific system, developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. Using multiple wearable biosensors, the system registers brainwaves, heart-rate variability, and galvanic skin response of participants. From the sensors, emotional “data” is analysed and metamorphosed into its symbolic representation as light. The differences in individuals’ emotional responses, being influenced by a musical composition, become visible to all who are present.


Assisting participants:
- inform participants about the installation, biosensors
- assist participants in the installation

Access to the We Know How You Feel Tonight clubnight. We can measure how you feel, but do you want your emotional data to be public? And what are companies and media allowed to do with it? This interactive debate night dives into these topics with a.o. Nick Verstand, Maurits de Bruijn, Tijmen Schep en Geert-Jan Bogaerts.


Are you available at least 2 days (or more) from 21 - 24 or 26 - 29 October? 

Please send an email with your name, age and availability to and we will contact you.