VPRO Medialab launches a new video series on modern forms of storytelling called ‘Veldwerk’ (Fieldwork).

About Veldwerk

With the arrival of new technologies, our media landscape is changing by the day. VPRO Medialab is exploring how new technology can be used to tell stories and searches for ways to involve other disciplines. We research new ways of media creation through innovative projects. Which forms of storytelling are there besides the traditional television and radio? What can you as content creator use? We look around for interesting projects that could inspire us all.

To share these beautiful projects and insights we are starting a new video series called ‘Veldwerk’ (Fieldwork), with inspiring interviews by Leonieke Verhoog our concept developer, who talks to innovative creators each month to share their tips and tricks. This to inspire you as a content maker to share your stories in a brand new way.


Pry - a story by touch

In Veldwerk #1, Leonieke Verhoog speaks with Samantha Gorman from narrative art studio Tender Claws, about their app PRY.

Pry is an "exploratory experience" about the life of veteran ‘James’ from the First Gulf War. The interactive story allows the user to look through the eyes of James and discover many story layers by touch.

The app is a mix between a game, interactive video and an eBook: "a book to watch and a film to touch".

Next on Veldwerk

Every month we're uploading new episodes on our website and YouTube Channel


  • Pry -  a conversation with Samantha Gorman from Tender Claws
  • Life of Us - a conversation with Aaron Koblin (May 2019)
  • Jaywalking - a conversation with Dries Depoorter (June 2019)
  • ...



  • Maker Leonieke Verhoog
  • Montage Wouter Sessink
  • Web editor Safaa Bouzambou
  • Editor in chief Geert-Jan Strengholt
  • Production Lex Lake en Rens Mevissen - VPRO Medialab
  • Music: Weval - Heaven, Listen van The Weight (2019)