Pry - Veldwerk #1

A story by touch

Leonieke Verhoog ,

In Veldwerk #1 focus on Pry, an ‘exploratory experience’ about a veteran from the Gulf War. The app is a mix between a game, interactive video and an eBook: a book to watch and a film to touch’. Leonieke Verhoog talks with Samantha Gorman, one of the creators of Pry, on this special form of storytelling...

Unreliable memories

In Veldwerk #1 a very special app: Pry. The makers call it an ‘exploratory experience, a book to watch and a film to touch’, a mix between a game, interactive video and an eBook.

“I talk with Samantha Gorman from Tender Claws, one of the two makers of Pry, about their design method. Tender Claws is a company from Los Angeles that designs new media experiences around art,  games, and technology. ”

Leonieke: “I particularly like the interaction between the three storylines that are telling the story of the main character James, a veteran from the First Gulf War. If you start the app you will see a video about James. By sliding your fingers apart on the screen, you open James' eyes and look at the present. If you pinch them shut, you are in his current thoughts and if you squeeze it even further, you get into his (sometimes unreliable) memories. "

“The storylines run parallel to each other, so as a viewer you have to choose which path to take. The entire experience lasts 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how much you spend investigating the chapters, you decide how you experience it. The story is told as no television or radio could tell it. "

Pry by Tender Claws

Pry made by Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro from  Tender Claws

More about Pry on their website.

Download Pry for iOS (iPad of iPhone) (€3,49)

Credits Veldwerk:

Maker Leonieke Verhoog
Montage: Wouter Sessink
Web editing: Safaa Bouzambou
Editor in chief: Geert-Jan Strengholt
Production: Lex Lake and Rens Mevissen - VPRO Medialab
Muziek: Weval: Heaven, Listen van The Weight (2019):