In Veldwerk # 2 a conversation with Aaron Koblin, creator of the VR experience Life of Us, where you can physically experience the steps of our evolution in a playful way. Step out of your body and take on the role of different prehistoric characters and go on a revolutionary journey with your friends.

An evolutionary journey in a multi-player VR game

In Veldwerk #2 attention to: Life Of Us. The Virtual experience through the historical timeline of our lives. Produced by digital artist Aaron Koblin and filmmaker Chris Milk who form the experimental VR production agency 'Within' with music by Pharrell Williams.

Leonieke talks with maker Aaron Koblin, one of her personal heroes in the digital culture. You might know Koblin from 'The Sheep Market'  a project, where he got 10,000 people to draw a sheep with Amazon' Mechanical Turk or from the bizarre Arcade Fire video clip 'The Wilderness Downtown' which entirely takes place on Google Maps on the location you were born.

Leonieke: "Becoming something that you are not. That is the essence of Life of Us, a Social Virtual Reality experience that really gave me the feeling that I was experiencing something together with others for the first time, and that I had become something else an amoeba, prehistoric bird, monkey and finally post-human robot. It is a project that plays with your self-image, with time and space, and the bond between you and your friends. "

The VR experience is unfortunately not available for personal use at home but is still regularly shown at festivals as a location-based installation. However Within is working on an interactive and social VR follow up to ‘Life of Us’ that will be released in 2019 and available to the consumer market.


Life of Us by Within

Life of Us was created by Aaron Koblin en Chris Milk voor Within.


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