In Veldwerk # 3 a conversation with Dries Depoorter, media artist and maker of the installation Jaywalking, where the observer is being made a complicit in the surveillance culture.

Snitching or Ditching?

On this episode of Veldwerk Leonieke Verhoog talks with media artist and public speaker Dries Depoorter.With his project Jaywalking, he puts human honesty to the test. The audience is being confronted with real live surveillance footage that comes from online security camera's.

The images come from unsecured cameras, which can be accessed freely via the internet. When the pedestrian in the images ignores a red sign and therefore commits a violation, the viewer is given the option to report by clicking one of the three buttons in front of them. When clicked an automatic mail with a photo of the moment goes directly to the nearest police station.

Depoorter got fascinated by the easily accessible network of camera’s that keep an eye on us twenty-four-seven.  He created software that allows him to automatically analyze the images so he could detect jaywalkers. The installation is all about being watched, and the moral dilemma of acting based on images.  Will you snitch or ditch?

Dries Depoorter is also known from ‘TinderIn’, the ‘Die With Me’ app and ‘Get Popular Vending Machine' he released over the past years.

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