Notes on Blindness - Veldwerk #6

viewing with your ears

Safaa Bouzambou ,

In Veldwerk#6 attention for blindness with VR experience 'Notes on Blindness' Leonieke Verhoog speaks with the maker film producer Arnaud Colinart from the french film production company Agat Films.

Viewing with your ears

the visual power of sound

In Veldwerk#6 Leonieke Verhoog speaks with producer Arnaud Colinart from the french filmproduction company Agat Films, maker of the Notes on Blindness VR experience.

''A visual methaphor of perception driven by sound''

In 1980 theologian John Hull lost his sight, he started an audio diary and recorded cassettes where he described his blindness very detailed. Sixteen hours of tapes have been turned into a book which lent itself as inspiration for the Notes On Blindess documentary in 2016.

Leonieke visited the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2016 where she was introduced to the Notes On Blindess VR experience by Arnaud Collinart.

‘’You’re starting in a complete dark world… ultimate darkness, you’re in the body of a blind man.’’- Leonieke  Verhoog on her first experience.

Arnaud Collinart decided to present Hull’s story in an immersive way with help of Virtual Reality, where the story is being told as your sight is being manipulated. To make the ones with sight experience how it is to be blind. The VR experience also has some interactivity as John Hull’s voice is leading you through story you can look around and activate elements.

Experience the Notes On Blindess VR experience on the website.

Notes on Blindness VR from Agat Films

Notes on Blindness VR is made by Arnoud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton and James Spinney  from  AGAT Films & Cie and EX NIHILO

More about Notes on Blindness on their site.

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