During a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab in 2009, British Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap met the engineer Elly Jessop, who had developed her own musical gloves with the help of structured data.

Heap became inspired and immediately gathered together a team of musicians, hackers and technologists around her to further develop her new ideas. The end product is the Mi.Mu gloves. Every glove contains a large number of sensors, buzzers and buttons that can all send a huge amount of data wirelessly to computer software. The hand gestures are interpreted there and linked to sound. Even the smallest movement of your pinkie finger is recorded.

Curious to know what this musical hand dance looks like? Musician Chagall will perform using the gloves at the interactive evening We Know How You Feel Tonight by VPRO Media Lab - October 25.2017 in Eindhoven. Get your tickets now!