What was deemed impossible twenty years ago, seems to be possible today: To eradicate poverty all over the world. That, at least, is the conviction of the American economist Jeffrey Sachs.

Rock star Bono calls him ‘My Professor’, and the English newspaper The Guardian calls him ‘The man with the plan’. Other nicknames are: ‘The economic shock therapist’, ‘The superadvisor’ and ‘Dr. Development’.

More than ever, the hope of the developing world lies in the ideas of Jeffrey Sachs (Detroit, 1954). Sachs is chief advisor to Kofi Annan on the Millennium Development Goals and head of the Earth Institute of Columbia University.

This documentary presents an indepth look into Prof. Sachs’ solution to the poverty problem. In the form of an extensive interview, complemented with on the ground evidence of his method in the developing world, and with observations of President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania, the viewer gets a profound idea of the strategy and the work of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs regarding the eradication of poverty.

Director: IJsbrand van Veelen
Editors in chief: Doke Romeijn, Frank Wiering