This documentary portrays the daily lives of the Carino-family "living apart together" in London, The Hague and Manila. It concentrates on the way the family keeps contact through telephone, letters and e-mail.

The main character is Emma who lives in London where she works as a domestic/nanny. She is one of the Philippine mothers that are working in Europe, while their husbands or local nannies are taking care of their own children.The mutual relations in a “trans-national family” are often defined by a transparent mix of emotional and financial dependence. This documentary will not only show the life of a Philippine family spread around the world, their ways of communication and their struggle between the need for love and attention and the need for economic security. It will also be a mirror that will show us the consequences of the choices we make in the West concerning the way we want to take care of our children, elderly and the cleaning of the house, consequences that redesign the economies and family structures of low wage countries.

Director: Marije Meerman
Editors in chief: Doke Romeijn, Frank Wiering