This documentary follows Noreena Hertz, who as economist and activist, plays a central role in the fight against poverty.
Includes an exclusive interview with U2-singer Bono.

With her books The Silent Takeover and IOU, the debt trap and how to diffuse it, she became a spokesperson for the international ‘antiglobalist’ movement. In a constant lobby effort, she works for more equality. Her aim is not only to find an academic solution to poverty and hunger, but also to keep the issue on the agenda, both of the public and of governments all over the world.

“People say, are you upset after the G8, you didn’t get this, this en this -of course I am. I am furious. But they blame the politicians. I blame us. We don’t have the movement yet.” These are the words of U2 singer Bono, who analyses the results of the G8 meeting with Noreena Hertz.

Because of the meeting of the world richest countries in Scotland this summer, the Live 8 concerts all over the world and the Millennium Summit in New York, poverty eradication has been at the top of the agenda this summer. But where poverty eradication used to be the field of protesters and politicians, they are now joined by business leaders, academics, actors and rock stars. Where the struggle to alleviate poverty used to be marked by demonstrations and political speeches, now all the parties are involved in discussing possible solutions with each other. Through this, a new form of activism has emerged. Intense lobbying, academic solutions, demonstrations, rock concerts and business proposals are mixed to reduce extreme poverty.

Apart from visiting U2-singer Bono, this film also shows Noreena´s visits to Live 8 initiator Bob Geldof, President Mkapa of Tanzania, de Finnish minister of Foreign Affairs mr. Tuomijoa and TNT CEO Peter Bakker. In these meetings, she acts both as a mediator and a consultant, giving a clear insight in the world of poverty eradication, where rockstars turn out to be politicians, where academics are celebrities, activists turn to negotiating and where the corporate world has a growing role in alleviating poverty.

Noreena Hertz´s books, The Silent Takeover and IOU, the debt trap and how to diffuse it, have been successful in the UK. Her books are also translated and published in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Czech Republic, Canada, US and The Netherlands

Director: IJsbrand van Veelen
Research: Martijn Kieft / William de Bruijn
Editors in chief: Doke Romeijn and Frank Wiering