Migration - Students


Europe has been struggling with migration for many years now. Over the past 20 years, Europe became a fortress, people died trying to get into Europe and people working for NGO’s have been jailed trying to save migrants from drowning.

But migration is of all times.

Reasons to move are diverse: people move to find jobs, to united with friends or family, or to flee from war, religious or political persecution or famine. Migration has an effect on the countries and people that people leave, the lives on the people themselves, and the countries were they arrive. In Europe today, attitudes towards migrants are dividing the continent: some people don’t want to have any migrants, and make no exception for refugees. Others welcome migrants, including those who for economic reasons, pointing out that Europe’s population is declining and people are needed for work. Some European countries are concerned with migration within Europe, as they see their most talented citizens move away.

With so many different views, and no internal borders, how should we deal with migration?