project and realisation






The final days of Standing Rock is part of the radio program OVT. The corresponding 40 minutes radio documentary is available here (in Dutch).

Audio, image, direction: Laura Stek

Design: Robin Verdegaal, Merel Raven

Web editing: Erik van den Berg

Final editing: Bella Boender

Special thanks to: Tammy Howard, Ceci Pangelinan, Jolanda Kirpensteijn

About the project

By the end of 2016, Standing Rock had reached the world news. The images displayed peaceful protesters with drums and banners, standing against fully armed policemen with dogs and pepper spray. The opposition from the Sioux against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline reflected the classic and unfair battle between the federal government and the Native Americans. Standing Rock became a symbol: American history repeating itself. 

In ‘The final days of Standing Rock’ the viewer takes a step inside the camp and gets to know two women behind this symbol and the catchy one liners. Who are the water protectors at quiet moments? Where are they coming from and how is daily life at the camp when there is almost nothing left?