Can I find a solution to complex world problems before I have a well-considered question?

From Galileo Galilei discovering that the earth revolves around the sun to Charles Darwin's finding on biological evolution: almost all research starts with a researcher wondering about a phenomenon and formulating a corresponding research question. However, the problem with formulating hypotheses is the 'theory-ladenness of observation': you see what you want to see. Science pushes against the limitations of the discipline, while creativity and thinking outside the box are the best ways to solve problems.'

In this learning experience you will be turned upside down by philosopher Tim de Mey, who will challenge you to think outside of your comfort zone. Tim will show you how openness to other disciplines generates new ideas, and how important it is that scientists, besides the possibilities of their own discipline, are also aware of their limitations. Take this challenge and you will construct the perfect out-of-the-box research question that will tease the Mind of the Universe scientists to explore even better answers in their research. 

Commitment: 3-5 weeks of study, 1-2 hours per week > more