Enjoyed watching the Mind of the Universe? Interested to dive even deeper into the world of DNA, artificial intelligence and big scientific questions? If the answer is yes, your learning adventure starts here!

Three universities: Erasmus Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden, have taken VPRO’s The Mind of the Universe as the starting point of an Online Learning Experience. Each learning experience will challenge you to dig deeper into your topic of interest, explore the cutting-edge subjects in a critical manner and debate scientific and ethical issues with people around the world.

Are you ready to take this challenge? Make up your mind.

We are looking for curious minds to develop ground-breaking ideas. Ideas that might go beyond what scientists are currently considering and researching. At the end of each challenge you will be asked to post your idea in a personal assignment. This could be a revolutionary essay, mind-blowing video, eye-opening art piece, trendsetting blog post or thought-provoking podcast... you name it! A jury will select the best contributions that will get a special place to shine in the Mind of the Universe online hall of fame. Every challenge will also have an exciting surprise for the winners.

Below you will find the three challenges. All of them will start on April 30, 2018. The online learning experiences are free for all participants. If you are interested in receiving a formal certificate, there will be a fee to cover costs.

Choose your favourite - or do them all - and don’t forget to invite your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours to join in this challenge together!

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