Gender Equality - Students


On paper, all European citizens are treated equally. Constitutions do not differentiate between sex or gender, and all citizens above a certain age have voting rights. 

The reality, however, is very different. 

In the everyday experience of people, gender and sex make a substantial impact. Some consequences involve differences in pay, even for the same job, an increased chance of being a victim of assault, and lower chances of becoming a professor. Some countries have adopted laws that allow for same-sex marriage, while in other countries it is still deemed illegal. Although many countries have had female heads of state, there are still some that have never any. In this project, we look at what it means when people are treated differently and learn about the struggle for women’s equality and LGBTQ+ rights in past and present. 

With such a big difference between theory and practice, how should we respond to gender inequality?

Step 1: Introduction

Step 2: Learning more about the context and topic

Step 3: Research and creation of the documentary