Labyrint (Labyrinth) is a weekly 30 minute documentary style television program. It investigates the relationship between science and everyday society, and reports on scientific developments and discoveries. It discusses the uncertainties and doubts that come along with scientific development, as well as the hope science can provide.

Labyrint approaches science in its broadest spectrum and discusses hard science as well as the softer side of science in humanities and art.

Every episode of Labyrint has one central theme which will be approached from two different angles in two reports. Labyrint has been compared to BBC’s Horizon.

Labyrint is aired on prime time on Channel 2 in the Netherlands. This channel focuses on cultural, scientific and documentary programs and has her audience in the scholar and university circles.

Labyrint is a coproduction of two Dutch Public Broadcasters: NTR, which focuses mostly on education, and VPRO, which focuses on culture, innovation and science.