Trailer: The Queen of Versailles


Documentaries are part of the core identity of the VPRO. But not just any documentaries.

The VPRO co-produces about 25 documentaries a year. About two thirds is made by Dutch filmmakers and one third by international filmmakers. We like good storytelling: character-led films, with a clear dramatic development and narrative urgency. The films need to combine the quality of cinema with the rhythm of television.

We like films to engage a ‘lean forward experience’. Something that triggers the viewer wanting to see it, or even better, experience it. VPRO documentaries literally and figuratively look for boundaries, either morally or in their experimental style. Our viewers want to be surprised, think for themselves, and draw their own conclusions. 

Our films have won Prix Italia, Prix Europe, Emmy’s, Peabody’s, Griersons and were nominated for an Academy Award.

trailers of recent VPRO documentaries