Trailer: The Netherlands From Above


What to do when anything seems possible? Innovation is a must, that much is certain.

We are living in exciting times. The use of media is changing at a record pace, and VPRO is enthusiastically examining new ways to reach its audience. At our Media Lab we work with a team of inventors, designers and media pioneers on the application of new technology in our programming.

Which is, in and of itself, nothing new. VPRO has been a frontrunner on the internet since way back, when surfing the web meant you could not be reached by telephone. We have a long-standing tradition in innovation.

Of course it’s not all about technology. What matters is how you use it. VPRO Dorst (translated Thirst) is the name of our audio-visual lab for innovative ideas. Within the framework of Dorst, young talented filmmakers and journalists between the age of twenty and thirty-four can experiment while being supported by experienced VPRO contributors, thereby developing programs as well as themselves.

a few examples of innovative projects