the mind of the universe


At the VPRO, science gets its rightful place in the spotlights.

Science and technology are an important part of VPRO programming, first of all in series dedicated to scientific research and its impact. International collaboration is key in these programs – as in science itself.

Take for example Climate Chasers, a travel program wherein Bernice Nooteboom travels to remote locations to answer one of the most pressing questions of our time: how will climate change reshape our planet? Or have a look at Beagle: On the Future of Species, which takes the viewer on an 11-month journey around the world. In this series, biologist Sarah Darwin sails the very route that inspired her great-great-grandfather Charles to develop his theory of evolution while the crew conducts a worldwide investigation into the state of our planet.

Our 2017 project The Mind of the Universe aims even higher. This international series about the evolution of knowledge reveals what great thinkers, scientists and technologists from all continents are working on. The goal is to catch the horizon of our destiny as human beings. In addition, this has taken the shape of a unique global open source project, freely available worldwide.

Science programs: a sample